Helping You Protect Your Vulnerable Family Members

In California, when an adult becomes incapacitated and unable to provide for his or her own personal needs, unable to manage his or her own financial resources, and/or unable to resist undue influence, a conservatorship of the person and estate may be necessary, especially if a durable power of attorney form has never been signed.  In some instances, there may be someone taking advantage of your loved one’s diminished capacity.  The Law Offices of Eliot M. Lippman can advise you on making crucial decisions about quickly and effectively setting up legal protections for your elderly parent or relative.

Exploring Alternatives to Conservatorship
Our first job is to explore with you all of the possible alternatives to bringing a conservatorship action.  We will review existing estate planning documents and discuss with you the particulars of your situation.  We have been very effective in obtaining Elder Abuse Protective Orders to restrain and halt predatory individuals without the need for a conservatorship.

Conservatorship Proceedings — Caring for an Incapacitated Adult
If a conservatorship is necessary, we are experienced in petitioning the Superior Court for the necessary financial and medical powers, including the exclusive authority to consent to medical treatment, if appropriate.  Afterthe appointment of a conservator, we will prepare the required Inventory and Appraisal, Accountings, and other statutory filings to properly maintain the conservatorship.  If you do not wish to serve as the conservator, we can guide you in choosing a conservator whom you can trust to manage the financial and personal needs of your loved one.

Caring for an incapacitated adult
At the Law Offices of Eliot M. Lippman, we can help you arrange for the care of an elderly parent or disabled adult child.  We can guide you in choosing a conservator ou can trust to manage the financial needs of your loved ones.

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